Essays – a series of texts exploring time, rivers and environment

Recalibrating Civilization
The Case for River Time
Jonathon Keats

Principled Uncertainty
The Art & Science of Jonathon Keats
Julie Decker

Dena'ina perspectives on River Time
Aaron Leggett
Interviewed by Fancesca Du Brock

Reclaiming Our Place in Nature
Through Law and Culture
Grant Wilson

In Real Time
Brittany Nicole Cox

Rivers of Time: Conceptual artist
brings a new approach to Atlanta
Wallace Lundel

A New Book Exposes the Tyranny
of Clocks. Can A New Kind of
Clock Offer an Alternative?
Jonathan Keats
Posters – a series of speculative investigations of time
Video essays – moving images of new ideas of time
Photo essays – connecting to rivers, landscape and understanding of time
Ship Creek. Images by Kerry Tasker
Campbell Creek. Images by Kerry Tasker
Knik River. Images by Kerry Tasker
Matanuska River. Images by Kerry Tasker
Measuring Flow. Images by Michael Conti